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How to write a good law essay for college

Law school involves a significant amount of writing. Many students are unprepared for the fact that they will spend the majority of their time reading and writing as their form of studying. Some students are surprised by all of the writing that is required. In many law schools, students write essays on a daily basis. Many law students write more than those seeking English, journalism, and creative writing degrees.

Need for Strong Research

Writing a good law school essay requires a few different skills. One of the most important aspects is that you have quality research. Your professors will tell you how you should document your research. Since essays are generally a form a thinking on paper, you will need to prove your thoughts with research from cases that you are discussing.

Brevity Over Creativity

There are special requirements to writing a legal essay and many law students take to long realizing exactly what they need to do. Legal essays need to have precise language. The best essays have only the necessary words. Law professors are not looking for creativity. They are looking for brevity and issues developed in a logical fashion.

Many students use a method of writing that works very well. Many law students learn the IRAC style. It includes the following:

  1. Issues are identified. In this section you will write about the different issues that have been presented in court. The issues will vary based on the topics of your class, from family law to criminal law, and tax law to international law.
  2. Rules from court precedents. You need to share the rulings from the courts for the next step of the essay.
  3. Apply rules to support the issues. In this step, you discuss how these rules have affected the issues over time.
  4. Conclude your realizations. In this section, you discuss the outcomes and whether they have benefitted society.

Even though this method helps students understand what they are trying to accomplish, but it is a good idea to write the essay with a slightly different formula. The essays should repeat the first three parts and then the conclusion should end the essay. So your essay should look like IRAIRAC.

Once you get the hang of the law school essay writing style, you will find that they are not as difficult as they seem. Each essay will have the same formula, but you will have different court precedents and issues to analyze as you move through your years at law school.

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