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7 Creative Persuasive Essay Topics for School Students

Persuasive essays require students to use clear reasoning and logic to convince their readers that one side of an argument or idea is more legitimate than the opposing view. It’s about persuading readers into agreement, asking them for support or to take action. Persuasive essays are popular assignments in both high school and college and help develop key writing skills that help in other types of assignment. Here are seven interesting persuasive essay topic ideas for you to use towards your own assignment:

  • Overprescribed medications. Do you believe that medications are overprescribed? If so, do you think doctors or drug companies are at fault? What are the ill-effects, if any, that the practice has brought upon people’s lives?
  • Depression and misdiagnosis. Depression should be taken seriously, but too many times people are misdiagnosed – one way or another – and the validity of the diagnosis across several patients is diminished. How can we curb the misdiagnosis of this medical concern?
  • Animal cruelty and punishment. Do you think that people who are convicted of animal cruelty be punished more seriously than what they currently are? If not, what arguments can be made to support lesser or current punishments?
  • Justification of censorship acts. While freedoms in speech are valued and warranted, should there be a reevaluation of what qualifies as freedoms versus those words that can be thought of inciting, anger-filled, and generally offensive. What was censorship first used for and should it reevaluate its own goals?
  • College athletes and low academic standards. Why are college athletes afforded extra leniency when it comes to meeting academic standards in higher education? Why should or shouldn’t this change? Do colleges and universities take advantage of the current system in hopes of receiving private funding later, and is this considered an investment?
  • Free meals for college freshmen. Should college freshmen be slowly integrated into a life of an adult by first receiving free meals in their first year of school so that they could slowly transition but also focus on academics? Would the costs be so high that people would be unwilling to support such a cause?
  • Concealed weapons and non-offenders. Should non-criminal offenders be allowed to carry concealed weapons? Is the right to carry weapons misunderstood and misrepresented under the guise of protection? What can be changed within the current laws to make it fair for those who have not committed crimes to carry what was once considered a right?
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