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15 Good Topics For A School Definition Essay

A definition essay is an essay where you need to creatively define something that might otherwise be easily defined. You can define an abstract idea for your audience as it relates to a book you are reading or a concept you have learned in your class. There are many things that you can write about creatively. When you write a definition essay you want to try and explain a controversial idea or an abstract concept . Below are fifteen great ideas you can write about:

  1. Define for the audience modesty
  2. Define for the audience common sense
  3. Define for the audience integrity
  4. Define for the audience sensitivity
  5. Define for the audience happiness
  6. Define for the audience racism
  7. Define for the audience sensitivity
  8. Define for the audience kindness
  9. Define for the audience respect
  10. Define for the audience trust
  11. Define for the audience sportsmanship
  12. Define for the audience ambition
  13. Define for the audience honor
  14. Define for the audience dedication
  15. Define for the audience self-assurance

Once you are done with the first copies of drafts, there are a number of key questions that you must ask yourself. By asking yourself these questions, you will be at a good position to create a solid final copy.

  • How is the first paragraph? Does it grab your attention?
  • How interesting is the first paragraph?
  • How does the first paragraph look like? What does it depict of you?
  • Does the portrayal honest enough?
  • Are all the questions addressed adequately in the paper?
  • What has been omitted in the paper?
  • Is your character well highlighted in the paper?
  • Does the structure of the paper show creativity?
  • Are there any typing errors in the paper?

When writing the final copy, it is important to solve all the problems you have noted in your reflection above. You should specifically look at the language used and how good it is. You should not rely completely on the word processor that you are using to detect the typos. You should go word by word checking how correct they are. By so doing, you will be at a better position to address the major issues. You should also avoid writing on biases and issues that might bring in problems such as religion and politics.

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