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5 Simple Steps To Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is one of the simplest types of essay that university students are required to write. Once you get the basic structure of the wring right it gets very easy and simple. You will have to decide on the topic and describe why the contrasts and comparisons are important. The facts may be universal but the opinion will be yours own.

Here are few steps to help you with it:

  1. Pick a topic you have knowledge and opinion about. Do not choose topics that have little or no relevance to you. Since you will have to give your own opinion, a topic closer to you will help you in coming up with interesting facts and the elaborate them through research.

  2. You will have to come up with relevant connections. The comparisons would be important and you will have to explain why it is important. This is where choosing an interesting topics helps.

  3. The thesis statement should be relevant and help you in composing the paper. There are different ways in which you can throw light on one subject. You must choose the most interesting way in which it can be expressed. The thesis should be compelling enough and help you in drawing the reader’s attention to the subject you are exploring.

  4. You will then have to juxtapose the differences between the two subjects in a way that is interesting to read. You can make it witty or informative whichever way you please. You will need all the relevant information on the two subjects and also a good idea about the common grounds that make up for the comparison. A lot of research will help you get the detailed facts and figures that will make the paper more appealing to the reader. With intricate details about the two subject s and where they contrast themselves you will be able to create a good compare and contrast essay that will get you good grades.

  5. If you have a source for your information you can give quotes to make things more interesting. By giving a common reference and the elaborating how they are different for the two subjects you will be able to build up the reader’s interest. Then with a careful narrative you will be able to progress further into the essay and make it better.
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