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The Effects Online Classes Have On Our Health And Social Life

The biggest problem of online schools is that they cannot provide students with a sufficient level of social interaction. This affects the development of students’ social skills, and can have an adverse effect on a person’s future. Do the pros of online learning outweigh the cons?

The number of students that choose online schools over traditional classes is growing every year. This proves that regardless of what some people may claim, there are several significant benefits associated with this method of learning. Recent studies show that there is no difference in academic performance between students that go to an ordinary school and those who study online. This means that choosing an online form of education will not affect your standardized test scores. Considering the fact that world is progressively becoming digitalized, students that attend online schools will be able to better adapt to new technology and succeed professionally.

Online schools offer students opportunities to study at their own pace. This is their biggest advantage, and it makes them perfect for gifted children. They may also be beneficial to those who cannot keep up with the standard class schedule due to health issues or dedication to some outside pursuits like sports, ballet, etc. This individualized approach allows teachers to help students fulfill their potentials, but it also makes the students more isolated from their peers. This can affect children’s social skills and make it more difficult for them to form relationships later in life. This type of social ineptitude will influence their future because the student might not be able to succeed professionally when put in a standard office environment. On the other hand, if the graduate of an online school pursues a career involving the Internet, they will not have any problems due to their prior experience.

There is no denying the fact that socializing with peers is an important factor in personality development. Benefits offered by online schools cannot outweigh the problems that arise when students lack this vital skill. This affects society as a whole because the social ineptitude of a group of individuals will reflect on the community. Administrators of online schools understand this, and try to solve the problem by establishing clubs that promote interaction between the students. Some of them make personal offline meetings mandatory, or establish summer camps.

Online learning is extremely efficient and cost effective. It also allows people with special needs to receive high quality education. This study method lacks personal contact, so it affects the student’s ability to socialize. Online educators develop various techniques in order to offset this major disadvantage.

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