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Diabetes Mellitus

When food does not provide effective energy to live off of, this could be a sign of Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus interferes with the body’s ability to use the energy found in food. There are three types of this disease; Diabetes I, Diabetes II, and Gestational Diabetes. And each has its own effects on the body, but operate in the same way. Here is a brief look at these diseases, and what they can do to the person that is affected by them.

  1. Diabetes Type I
  2. Diabetes Type II
  3. Gestational Diabetes
  4. Dangers of Diabetes
  • Diabetes Type I
  • This used to be called Juvenile Diabetes, but is now called insulin-dependent diabetes. This type starts usually around childhood, and can be genetically transmitted. It causes the body to attack the pancreas, with its own antibodies. Because of the self attacking damages, the pancreas cannot produce insulin, and thus cannot extract the energy from the natural carbohydrates in food.

  • Diabetes Type II
  • This type of Diabetes comes to be when either, the Pancreas cannot create enough insulin, or the body can no longer use the insulin properly. In either case, the effect is the same. When this happens, the natural sugars cannot get to where they need to be. Causing the blood sugar to remain high, and muscles, liver, fat, and other areas the sugars need to go, not to receive their needed amounts.

  • Gestational Diabetes
  • This is a form of Diabetes that is caused during pregnancy. Some degree of insulin resistance is natural in women carrying a fetus. But when it exceeds that level, it becomes dangerous. It then has to be controlled for the protection of both the Mother and baby. This can affect the development of the fetus, if not controlled and maintained. This is usually found to develop during the mid to late in the gestational development.

  • Dangers of Diabetes
  • The dangers from all three of these variants are more severe if not kept maintained properly. Some of the more common issues with both type I and II, are that they can cause damage to the kidneys, eyes, and nerves, which can lead to heart issues and death. Because the liver and muscles to not get the needed sugar amounts, if not properly controlled can cause liver disorders, and muscle disorders as well.

In the Gestational Diabetes, not only can it affect the mother, but the baby can be at an even higher level of risk. Causing damages to the eyes, liver, heart, kidneys, and other risk factors.

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