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Writing An Impressive 4-Page Essay On The Great Depression

The Great Depression occurred in 1933, and sent stock traders into such a scurry as has not been seen since. Since then, 82 years have passed and the occurrence has been analyzed over and over again; with articles and journals, research paper and essays.

An unbiased analysis

If you are to write a 4-page essay on The Great Depression, you need to present its wholesome picture. Your analysis should not be partially drawn, say, in case your ancestors were among the victims.

The Introduction

The first page will suggest how the Depression happened and how the Ticker Tape was rampantly violated for the first time. Also state what could have happened, if, say, the Internet was there then and the markets were considerably huge. Your essay will begin with a compact introduction on the premise of the occurrence.

The casualty aspect

The second essay page will place expository statements on how certain stocks dropped to a nadir. How scores of traders hung themselves or committed suicide in other ways. How banks did not have enough liquid currency to satisfy the multitude of clients who ransacked the premises to get all their money back. How the money itself lost its face and value on the face of things.

Motion for amendment

The third page of the essay will shed light on how certain stable minds proposed amendments and manners in which the Depression could be brooked and brought to a standstill. How help was requested from those companies who had deep roots and cultures and thus employees willing to work for free for an indefinite period, simply because there was no money to pay them.

The New Deal

Your last page will elucidate on The New Deal. How the Depression was checked from being an eternal calamity. How austerity measures were taken and strategies implemented to bring US economy back to the groove. How global economy took a deep breath and rallied on owing to the New Deal. Always ensure that the last paragraph has a sense of liberation.

A subjective take

When you write a 4-page essay on any subject, it means you will cover the piece rather subjectively and leave very little scope for debate or argument. Be prepared to analyze all the factors with depth and find out the facts diligently from different sources. Only then will your disposition be admired by te whole lot. Only then will it stand out of the common crowd.

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