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10 Great Essay Topics For College

There are a number of things that define a compelling essay with the topic being the most important. It plays a significant role in determining the ease in the process of writing as well as the marks to be awarded. Before going to the list, let us look at what makes a great essay topic.

  • Focus- this means providing a central point of discussion. The topic is not too general to the point of losing the reader. It gives a clear indication of the point of view or position adopted by the writer on the subject being discussed.
  • Short- a short topic is captivating and easy to understand. It captures the main point and avoids ambiguity on the position of the writer or the approach being adopted. Though it might have different sections depending on whether it is analytical, persuasive, narrative or comparative, it is precise on the issues being handled and straight to the point.
  • Thematic- a great essay topic reflects the field of study and specific category within the field. The issues appearing on the topic are within the grasp of the discipline. An art topic captures issues that are expressive and opinionated while a science topic may capture factual and test based issues.
  • Creative, original and unique- with so many studies in different disciplines, there is need for original discussions on issues. This is best captured in a topic covering an area that is not overly studied. It makes it outstanding and attractive to the reader.
  • Reflects the content in the body- a topic points at the issues being discussed in the body of your essay. There must be a direct relationship between the topic and the content in your paper.

Here are some original and creative essay topics for college.

  1. Should children be allowed to hold a job at fourteen?
  2. Should the wage of female and male construction workers be equal?
  3. Do immigration laws need to be reformed?
  4. Should there be public Wi-Fi by city authorities?
  5. Should junk foods and fatty snacks be taxed more?
  6. Is bike sharing a viable option to end traffic congestion in cities?
  7. Should cities regulate and legalize prostitution?
  8. Is sex education required in public schools?
  9. Who should make the decision on abortion in case of incest or rape?
  10. Should doctor assisted suicide be allowed for terminally ill patients?
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