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Why Study Theology?

There many reasons as to why people study certain things. The main reason has been for the purpose of getting a job someday. Other reasons could be to attain enough knowledge to establish a business and the like. Well, why then would someone study theology? Some people have interests but might have shied away from pursuing it. The study on theology is in some way adventurous, partly exploration and partly has to do with discipline. It is all about going somewhere and be disconcerted and yet be at home concurrently. Many people have wondered whether it is about situating them in a place of seeking for questions and allowing the best modern scholarship to lead them to an answer relevant for today. Questions about God as revealed in Jesus Christ and the understanding of scriptural texts could be some of the important reasons for studying theology.

Well, believers’ perspectives, faith aspects and principles and the relevance for living can be established through theology and people would study it for such reasons. Christian theology specifically challenges us to make an exploration of the manner in which our belief in God who in his nature is love causes us to live ethically, advocate for justice and show the same love to others. Theology is concerned about understanding the worship patterns that have come up, what they are made of and what has caused the changes being realized in those circles. The study about theology is almost cross-disciplinary including subjects like psychology, architecture, social sciences, linguistic study, philosophy, history and textual analysis among other disciplines. The engagement with theology opens every learner to the wide flourishing of the human knowledge and wisdom.

Theological study does not avoid challenging questions and topics. It provokes a deep thinking and participation in matters of injustice, inequity, a share of natural resources, environmental degradation, violence, colonialism, anti-Semitism and racism among others. With theology, learners unearth the way theological reflection has been overly complicit in the blights stated concerning the history of human beings. Therefore, studying this field has very useful benefits such as those of excursion into the joy of grace, love and hope. For this reason, it is worthy to study theology. It does not only give an introduction to Christian faith but also interact with other important life issues in various dimensions. It can also be studied for the development of critical thinking skills needed for life and relating with others over and above securing jobs and working in charitable organizations.

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