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How to write a narrative essay introduction: hints for dummies

One way to be effective with your written content is to have a good introduction. Narrative essays are like personal stories being told to help others learn the purpose behind it. The first line of your introduction should make people want to keep reading. You will need to think about the tone you want to set for readers. You will also need to consider your style of writing along with content language. Once you understand these basic areas you will find it easier to get your introduction written for your narrative essay.

  • Make Your Introduction Engaging to Your Audience
  • Provide some background information regarding your topic. This helps your audience establish a setting. You are helping readers to get comfortable with the setting. Think about details related to the event that will help readers get familiar with the context. These details create the foundation your essay will be created from. Your thesis statement or main idea will also be incorporated. Your content should be interesting and compelling to encourage them to keep reading.

  • Begin Your Introduction with a Strong Hook
  • A strong hook is what gets readers interested in your content. This grabs attention and promotes curiosity among the text. You can review elements of a strong hook. This is usually the first sentence of the introduction paragraph. This can be anything from a joke, quote, question or statistical data. Something that will have readers pondering about what your essay is about. The content should be related to your topic.

    Other possible hooks include a general statement, something with drama, or form of irony. Be creative with your hook and seek samples to help you create your own. Be considerate of your hook choice. It should be appropriate for your topic. Some hook strategies may not work depending on the subject matter.

  • Seek Examples to Help You Know What to Avoid
  • Samples can help you understand how to develop an effective introduction for your narrative essay. They can also help you understand what you should not do. Your introduction should introduce your topic. It is compelling and provides enough details to summarize other points mentioned throughout the essay. This section of the essay helps set readers up for what to expect. It encourages them to keep reading to learn more about the subject matter.

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