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Guidelines on how to write an essay about a movie

When you are writing an essay about a movie follow these guidelines:

  1. Introduction
  2. This section of your essay needs to have a summary of the argument that you will present in your essay. You need to indicate which films you will consider and why you are considering them. Do not offer a historical overview of a plot summary in the introduction.

  3. Conclusion
  4. This is where you speak about your argument and frame it using the information you presented in your body. You should not offer new evidence in the conclusion that was not discussed elsewhere in your paper or state how “great” or “successful” a film or director was.

  5. References
  6. The references for a essay about a movie should be sourced properly as per the requirements of your course. Make sure anything you use is properly cited in your text and at the end. Check with the course requirements and the project instructions to find which format you should use. If none is listed then ask the teacher.

Look up original information when you are reviewing a film. Try and avoid using a site like the famous movie databases or general search pages as your first and only source. These are great for preliminary information or basic facts about the filming process but they should not be the only sources you use for your information. You should absolutely avoid using their content to write a plot summary. Anyone can edit this information online and therefore it is not a valid source to use. Trust yourself and review the movie in your words.

You can also integrate a single frame into your essay using frame grabbing software. You can get free tools online that help you to grab a single frame which you can then copy and paste into your essay as a simple picture file. This is perfect for a frame that you plan to explicitly discuss in your essay. You can also use stills from a DVD but not stills you got on the internet for the same reason that you should not trust an internet review. Do not include frames or stills that you do not write about explicitly.

When all is said and done it is important that you double check the essay for cohesion and flow. Make sure your paragraphs have good transitions and that all errors have been removed.

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