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Composing A Brilliant Reflective Essay On Breastfeeding

A reflective essay will essentially require you to take a particular issue and discuss it in terms of your experiences with that topic. Ultimately, you may wish to look at things in a progressive kind of way, so as to describe the experiences to the reader as you learn and experience them yourself. Essentially, you should be reflecting on a particular subject or issue that you are writing about.

An interesting topic when writing a reflective essay is that of breast-feeding. Ultimately, the topic of breast-feeding can be used when composing a wide range of different academic papers, including reflective essays; therefore, there are various things to consider when writing in the style.

Choosing an appropriate title

In order to ensure that the work is of as high a standard as you can make it, it is important to pick a relevant title that fits in with the aims of a reflective essay. For example, you may wish to discuss your own experiences of breast-feeding; however, this will usually only be applicable if you have had a child, and particularly if you are a woman. Therefore, this is unlikely to be useful for many students who are not of university age.

Alternatively, you may wish to describe any campaigns that you have been involved in when it comes to public breast-feeding; for example, many people think that breast-feeding should not take place in public, and that mothers who do choose to breast-feed their children should take steps to ensure that they breast-feed in as private a place as possible. On the other hand, many individuals completely disagree with this point of view, and think that mothers should be entitled to breast-feed that child wherever they choose to.

Describing your experiences

Once you have decided what to write about, you will need to plan your essay, so as to establish what you want to write about. As a result, it can be a good idea to already have some experience of the topic that you wish to discuss, as this will give you a general idea about any various points you may wish to bring up in your paper.

Ideally, you should try and use descriptive language and assume that the reader has very little experience or knowledge of the talk topic themselves, this can help to ensure that the content that you create is as imaginative and engaging for the reader, help them to truly understand and picture the topic you are discussing.

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