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How to choose persuasive essay topics

Selecting a topic for your persuasive essay may not be as easy as it seems to you at first. The main point of writing a persuasive essay is to support your point of view regarding some problem that is either socially or scientifically relevant. To select a good topic you will be able to write a lot about, follow the following guidelines.

  • Brainstorm the possible ideas. You can do it either alone or with your friends. Everybody has specific preferences about what to write, so you will not have any troubles dividing the topic later, but you will have a possibility to invent as many good topics there is. Of course, not all of them will pass to write a goof persuasive essay, so make sure the topic you select actually fits to the next requirements.

  • Avoid hackneyed topics that people write all the time about, like global warming, renewable energy or abortions. Believe us, your professor has come across hundreds of essays on these topics while teaching other students and will not be very interested in reading your paper. You need to select something that gives a new perspective to a problem and will be interesting to think about.

  • Check if you will be able to find enough information and sources on your topic. You may select a modern topic that nobody has ever written about and then have troubles with finding which information to use. You usually cannot write the whole essay basing on your own thoughts, especially if this is a college assignment. Check this now, so you will not have to change the topic when you are already half-way through.

  • Focus your problem. Do not write about a too wide topic, it will make your statements too general. Focus on a specific problem and try to find all the pros and cons of it and then choose your side. With enough information, your specific paper will sound much more interesting and challenging to write, giving your more credit for it.

  • Find the subject that is actively debated. There is no use of persuading people in something everybody supports or opposes anyway. Make sure your issue has active supporters and opponents and there is something to argue about. Otherwise, your written paper will not have any sense and will not fulfill the main point of writing a persuasive essay: actually persuade people in something they for now do not support.
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