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How to write an expository essay – a guide for college freshmen

So you are a college freshman and have been set the task of writing an expository essay. From the beginning it is a vital that you learn the requirements of this type of essay. Whatever opinions you have, bury them. You are not here to present an argument, to prosecute an argument and decry any opposition to your point of view. None of that type of behaviour is required in the writing of an expository essay.

You have to be a reporter. You have to explain or define a situation according to the topic. This is news reporting and is not news commentary. Unless you understand that basic premise, no matter how well you write your expository essay. you will not get the best possible score. So, having established that vital piece of information here are some steps to create an excellent expository essay.

  • The basic structure is usually five paragraphs.
  • Only a fool does not create a plan.
  • Research is vital.
  • Writing a first draft should be quick and fulsome.
  • Question your writing.

With most expository essays the structure will include an introduction, three body paragraphs each with their own separate main point, and finally the conclusion. Remember to write in the third person and avoid I and you.

Knowing the structure of your expository essay, you now create a plan. This can be a single sheet upon which you will place the headings of the various paragraphs to be found in your essay. Then comes the important research component. Be careful to stick to research directly related to the topic of your essay. It is so easy to waste time reading about issues on the periphery of the topic. Only research articles, magazines, blogs and books which relate specifically to the topic.

Once you have added the points from your research to your plan under various headings, you are in a position to finally write your expository essay. The faster you do this the better. You have the plan in front of you; you have the ideas in front of you. It is now important that you express yourself freely and write as much as you feel you have to say. Do not restrict yourself according to the number of words of the expository essay.

Once you have finished this fulsome writing, you go through your essay and question it. Remove any opinions and make sure that you are simply reporting the facts.

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