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Vital Narrative Essay Topics that Help Create a Strong Paper

When writing a narrative essay, you want to avoid bland stories with little action or descriptors. It is important to captivate your reader with your personal account, keeping the reader fully interested from start to finish. A few ideas for narrative essay topics include your first memory, an important extracurricular, coming of age, a hard decision and loss of a loved one, but you are not only limited to these topics. Use these as a starting point, and explore your memory bank for the best possible material for your next narrative essay.

  • First Memory
  • Sharing your first memory with your readers can reveal the earliest part of who you are. This memory may have significance to who you are, or it could be a novel or trivial memory. Your narrative essay will be a great place to share this first memory, while exploring the meaning and/or significance to who you are today.

  • Important Extracurricular
  • Share your favorite sport, hobby, activity or pastime with your readers for a strong narrative essay. Extracurricular not only teach you a particular trade or skill, but also, introduce you to many new ideas and people. These new ideas and people will help create a strong narrative essay.

  • Coming of Age
  • The coming of age tale is a story that peaks the interest of many, and can almost always make for a strong narrative essay when properly executed. Sharing the exact experience of leaving behind adolescence and transitioning to adulthood can be told from many different perspectives and makes for a strong topic.

  • Hard Decision
  • Sometimes the hardest decision and the right decision are the exact same decision. Share an instance in which you faced a roadblock of morality. Which road did you take? How did your choice affect you? Walk your readers through the decision making process step by step, and you will be sure to have them hooked.

  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Have you ever lost someone you loved? How did this change you? Share your account of when you lost a loved one. Try to convey the feelings or thoughts you experienced to the best your ability to help the readers empathize. This empathy will make a strong paper.

Everyone loves a story, and with the right presentation almost any story can be a winner. Tell your personal account from a unique perspective and captivating perspective—some hints are to take your time and apply your creativity. With a strong topic, patience and creativity you will produce a strong narrative essay.

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