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Fundamental Design as a Business Practice


Design is essential in any given n business for it to thrive. The simplicity or complexity of design employed in any business depends with the business and the executives of the business involved. A broad overview of the businesses that embrace design as a business practice together with other good business practices shows that such businesses do extremely well. Thus the business remains in its business which is to be in business otherwise it has no business being in business. This essay seeks to bring an understanding of fundamental design as a business practice, on how it is applied in business. Focus is also put on how businesses can integrate it for their success.

As a business practice, design can apply well in various sections of a business. For instance in organizational and work design. Work design deals with how best to structure peoples work tasks so as to protect while enhancing their performance and mental health. Given the radical changes in modern day’s organizations that are impacting significantly on people’s tasks, work design is relevant by all means. It is in this research that issues such as the ability individuals have to make rational decisions and the range of skills they use is addressed.

As stated earlier, the purpose of business is to remain in business. It is organization design that oversees that this takes place. Organization design is that deliberate process of setting up structures and processes among other things to create an effective organization capable of achieving the business strategy. The future of a business is wholly dependent on organization design, which is an ongoing process. In order to achieve future strategies and the desired values, an organization is assessed at its present. An organization that is poorly designed frustrates people associated with the organization.


Fundamental design in business is essential to achieving success. For instance, organization design choices at an early stage can create a foundation for success in the future, adapt well in the markets among other positive results. A well prepared work design results to a harmonious relationship between employers and their employees. From the above essay, fundamental design is a good business practice. Organizations should embrace it for the good of their organization.

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