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5 Great Suggestions For Writing A Synthesis Essay On Hurricane Katrina

The purpose of a synthesis essay is to show your ability to present details in an organized fashion. When considering the subject of hurricane Katrina there are different perspectives you could present your project from. Get familiar with the event by conducting in-depth research. Learn reasons behind why it is considered one of the most catastrophic events to occur in history. Determine a good angle to write about you feel able to present details in a structured manner. Here are 5 ideas to consider for your assignment.

  1. Financial loss vs. financial investment due to property damage. Hurricane Katrina caused a great level of devastation with analysts claiming millions and even over a billion dollars in damage was caused. Even though it has been several years since the storm hit experts feel it will take many more to cover rebuilding costs. An idea for a writing assignment could include how much money insurance companies paid on claims.

  2. How the storm got stronger over the gulf before making landfall. There were a number of elements meteorologists noticed as the storm was getting stronger before it made landfall. What were they? These elements have helped weather forecasters learn more about this storm and why it was strong causing catastrophic damage.

  3. Mental health effects resulting from being in the affected area. Anyone could imagine being in this area when the storm hit, but the experience was worse for those that considered this part of the country their home. What kind of mental health effects did it leave residents or people observing the situation from the outside?

  4. Controversy after the storm (aid was not dispersed fast enough). One element that continues to puzzle analysts is why aid was not made available to people fast enough. Your essay could focus on other elements of the storm that raised controversy such as how it was covered by the media and how government agencies played a role during recovery efforts.

  5. Coastal areas ability to prepare for future storms. This part of the country was severely damaged by the storm. There were estimates putting coastal repairs alone at millions of dollars. There have been projects in the works and ideas related to how to fix these areas. Which do you think are or will be effective as far as preparing for another storm?
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