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How To Write Body Paragraphs For Your Essay Properly

Writing the body is just as important as writing a good introduction or conclusion. As this is the meat of your essay, it is critical to get it right. So writing the body paragraphs for your essay, is an important part of the process. This is what will be discussed here, on how to write body paragraphs.

  1. Topic Sentences
  2. 5 to 7 Sentences
  3. Proper Transitions
  4. Even and Coherent Flow

Topic Sentences

It does not matter if your essay body has one or twenty paragraphs: each paragraph should start out with some form of a topic paragraph. They may focus on a different part of your main topic, and that is fine. But they need to deal in some way with your topic. This helps keep the reader focused on your topic, so they do not think you are wondering off, and lose their understanding and get confused.

5 to 7 Sentences

Just as in the introduction and conclusion, the paragraphs in the body should be around 5 to 7 sentences. If the point cannot be finished in that space, then either break it up, or finish it in the conclusion. Too short of a paragraph, and you will not be able to carry your thought through completely. Too long a paragraph, and the reader will get tired of reading it, and lose track of what you are saying.

Proper Transitions

When a paragraph ends, it should transition into the next paragraph. Never jump points, it reads like you are jumping around. That is ok if done right in novels, but never in an essay. Tie the two thoughts together, so the reader knows what is coming up next. Then start your next topic paragraph, in a way that follows the lead from the last transition sentence. In this way the reader will follow your thought more effectively.

Even and Coherent Flow

Keep the tempo, of the essay flowing evenly, so the reader can follow what is being said here. If the flow is choppy, you risk the chance of the reader not understanding your thought. It must also be kept coherent, so that there is no question as to your line of thought, and everything is understood. Consistency is key to writing any essay, and keeping an even and coherent flow will greatly help with that. Just as with these other points will too.

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