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Contrasting the Works of Freud and Jung

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung shared interests and beliefs in the field of psychology. They met in 1907 in Vienna and were friends for several years. They admired each other’s work and respected their personal beliefs but overtime their friendship deteriorated. At one point they collaborated on different projects related to the human mind and thinking concepts. When their friendship fell apart it was partly due to their conflicting theories about dreams and how they develop in the mind. Long after the end of their friendship, their theories present unique insight people continue to study today.

Freud and Jung saw things differently while completing research related to dreams. There are concepts that had conflicting views about current researchers continue to ponder. Freud has a different perspective on what he felt is basic reality. He felt conflicts started from natural instincts clashing. On the other hand, Jung felt conflicts would start when the mind ignores some of its psyche elements. Freud thought aspects of dreams develop during childhood, but Jung felt they become more developed in adulthood. When it came to analyzing the state of mind in an unconscious state Freud felt it begins when anxiety is created from instinct clash. Jung saw the process developing from repeat occurrences or experiences.

Jung felt dreams were a form of expression or a way the mind will express something that happened. Freud saw them as a form of disguise as if the mind is trying to hide a message. The way dreams were interpreted and their methods also created conflict. Freud felt dreams are a form of interpreting something symbolic. Jung felt dreams were just a way for the mind to be active with imagination, especially when they occur in a series.

There are times when contrasting their work some feel they were on the same page, but just choose to reword their findings a little differently. For instance, Freud felt the purpose of dreams is to help the mind and body preserve rest or sleep. Jung felt their purpose compensates for the personality and attitude of the individual when they are awake. As Freud did his work independently he grew more interest in understanding mental illness development and the unconscious mind. Jung overall felt the mind is more creative in an unconscious state. Each felt the mind does great things when unconscious, but this aspect seems more fascinating to one expert than the other.

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