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Writing An Intro For A Compare And Contrast Essay On South And North America

The introduction of any essay determines whether a person reads through the other paragraphs or stops there. It acts as a reception or cover of the paper. This also applies when writing about comparison and contrast. How do you ensure that your introduction is captivating?

  • Capture Attention
  • The words and phrasing you use at the introduction will either compel a person to read or drop your paper. Lay a trap for the reader that ensures that he does not drop the paper. This is by capturing his attention. Some of the tricks that can be used to capture attention include a quote by an authority on South and North America, a story, statistics or a question. The reader will spend the next few minutes trying to find the truth or relationship between the quote and the subject in your paper.

  • Generate Curiosity
  • The presentation of your introduction should make a reader want to peruse through the remaining paragraphs. Curiosity is aroused by dropping hints or asking probing questions about the subject. You may also select a controversial claim and seek to justify or negate it through your compare and contrast essay. As you generate curiosity, lace it with an element of suspense so that the reader delves deeper in search of an answer.

  • Give the Perspective
  • Your approach to comparison and contrast between North and South America matters. When writing, choose a perspective that is rare or unique. This is one that is rarely tackled. It must be clearly indicated at the introduction with the aim of generating genuine interest. This perspective should be maintained to the end of your paper.

  • Use a Sample
  • Introductions are not always easy to construct. To simplify the work, find a sample of a compare and contrast paper. Such a sample should be from a credible source like your teacher, the library, seniors or a reputable writing agency. Use of the wrong or poor quality sample will affect the quality of your work.

  • The Last Thing
  • Despite the introduction appearing at the beginning of your paper, it does not have to be written as the first section. Experts advise you to return to it after completing the body. By this time you have a better idea of what the paper contains. You know the ideas or points to introduce. Writing the introduction of a compare and contrast essay on South and North America first may force you to repeat after your perspective changes midway through the paper.

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