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Writing A Comparative Essay: Introduction Example

A comparative essay is one of the more fun types of essays to write, it is very simple yet very hard all at once. To begin, you need to choose topics that have a bunch of things in common as well as having a bunch of things not in common. For example compare and contrast two forms of government or two sports teams. Whatever you choose to write about you need to make sure that you can find at least two to three specific things you want to mention when comparing as well as contrasting them through your essay. You need to be sure that you use reliable research, list facts, and make sure everything is well organized to ensure your readers are intrigued and understand and agree with what you are saying. Being able to write a comparative essay is a great skill to have and is a type of essay you will write and come into contact a lot with throughout your life. And being able to write a well written introduction for a comparative essay is something else that requires a lot of skill.

The introduction for a comparative essay is where you start off with a general point and then mention the similarity between the two subjects. Then you mention more specific things you want the essay to focus on. Towards the end of the introduction you need to make a thesis statement. A thesis statement is in other words an offer to an exact solution to whatever the issue is that you are addressing. The thesis statement is meant to state your side of the argument that is being presented within the paper and can even mention the reasons you are going to discuss that back up your research. A thesis statement is usually between one and two sentences and is meant to be very direct so the readers know what to expect.

An introduction for a comparative essay is very simple; it is like writing the whole essay in broad terms. And the more opposite yet similar the topics are then the better and easier the introduction will be. Some examples of topics for comparative essays are:

  • Weeds to flowers
  • Acting to lying
  • Church sermons to campaign speeches
  • Your best friend to your worst enemy
  • Learning to ride a bike and learning how to drive a car
  • The decisions of red riding hood to the decisions of goldilocks
  • And more
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