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An Essay Sample on Robert Frost's Poetry

Robert Frost was a famous American poet who won multiple Pulitzer prizes for his poetry. Strangely his poetry about rural life in America was initially widely recognized and more successful in the United Kingdom before it became popular in his native land. Frost's poetry lends itself to the writing of essays. The subjects of his poetry and the techniques and methods he used are both ideal topics for students studying his work.

Finding samples of essays about Frost poetry is not difficult as online resources are extensive. Any student keen to write about his poetry or who has to write as a result of an assignment, will find numerous examples of others who have studied and written about his work. Some of the qualities or characteristics of Frost’s poetry include the following.

  • Frost uses multi-layered imagery.
  • Frost uses a variety of techniques in his poetry.
  • Frost uses vivid imagery in his poetry.
  • Frost draws on personal experiences in his poetry.
  • Frost refers to rural activities in his poetry.

One of the outstanding qualities of the poetry is his ability to discuss the simple things in life while at the same time referring to significant and major things such as death. The initial reading of a Frost poem may suggest a gentle and simple tale but further study reveals hidden depth and meaning.

Many poets can be described as using a set formal technique in their work but Robert Frost does not fit into this category. He uses different forms and different ways of applying rhyme to his poetry. It is not just the poems themselves but also their presentation and format which are interesting.

Imagery is very important to Robert Frost. He looks for words which convey the sound of farming activities in rural America. The swishing sound of hay being cut comes alive in a Frost poem.

For much of his life Frost experienced firsthand life in a farming community and his personal experiences are drawn upon in the creation of so many of his poems. And it is this background and time spent in rural America to which he refers so often in his poetry. Any student looking to write an essay on Frost’s poems can draw not just on a wide range of actual poems but also on the many aspects and techniques of his writing. There are many samples of such essays to be found online.

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