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A Comprehensive Guide For Writing An Essay On Leadership Philosophy

The term “leadership philosophy” has become rather popular recently, and it isn’t surprising. Knowing what your leadership philosophy is will help you be a better achiever, define your values, and let others understand your expectations. By developing your personal leadership philosophy, you’ll manage to become a leader in any area, whether it is professional or personal.

If you are asked to write an essay on leadership philosophy, use it as a unique chance to look into the subject deeper and learn something new. Take the following steps to create a strong paper on the topic.

Pre-Writing Stage

  • Decide on the topic.
  • There are different leadership philosophies: autocratic, democratic, servant, charismatic, delegative, transformational, situational, innovative, or the constant improvement leadership philosophy. Which one do you want to focus on? Would you like to compare two leadership styles or define your own? Use this assignment to explain the basics of the subject or look for similarities and differences between two styles of leadership. Do you want to develop your own leadership philosophy? Do it and teach others how to accomplish the task in your essay.

  • Research the topic.
  • If you aren’t an expert on the subject, turn to the credible sources for information. Browse the Internet or ask for help in a library. Recent publications are likely to discuss the topic in details. Remember to note down details about the sources so that you can properly reference them later.

  • Develop an outline.
  • Outline your ideas beforehand. This strategy will help you arrange them logically and include all necessary details. For example, if you want to explain how to develop a leadership philosophy, present your points in a chronological order and create a process essay. In other cases, you may arrange your points due to their significance.

Writing Stage

  • Create a strong introduction.
  • Remember that the first sentence of the introductory paragraph should catch the reader’s attention and make them follow your story. Start with an intriguing question or an interesting quotation about leaders and leadership. Afterward, present your thesis statement. It should clearly state your position and hint at the points that will be discussed in the essay body.

  • Develop the body paragraphs.
  • Present your main points in separate body paragraphs. Support each of them with relevant evidence. While you may refer to your personal experience when analyzing what a leadership philosophy is, it is necessary that you use facts and examples and quote true experts in the field as well.

  • Conclude properly.
  • Restate your thesis and reinforce it with an interesting observation or a thought-provoking question.

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