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Living With Alzheimer’s

To date upward of five million people across the U.S. have a disease known as Alzheimer’s. This is according to a study released by the Alzheimer’s Association. Approximately 2.5 million are in the early stages of the disease and are struggling to pass for normalcy.

Living Impaired

Many of these people may be impaired, however they are not helpless. There is a growing number who are speaking out about how it feels to live with this situation. Early on they were silenced or excluded from any decision making. Some of their loved ones tend to boss them around and constantly searching for activities that are meaningful to fill their time as though they were toddlers needing daycare.

In addition to experiencing individual frustrations, there are patients that want to change the public’s perceptions through the creation of a grass-roots movement. They are beginning to make their mark.

Dealing with Early Stages

Patients in the early stages of the disease deal with a lot. At times those who aren’t ill, such as family members or friends over react at the mere diagnosis of the Alzheimer’s disease. They smother the patient and act as though life is over. There are those however who are beginning to get into the public eye and sharing their stories. They are speaking at conferences nationally and they are also working with persuasive lobbyists of federal and state lawmakers. They are working to find patient support groups, creating their very own social networks, and taking part counseling to help the families as a whole deal with the diagnosis.

Times are Changing

It is rare that well spouses have participated with their ill spouses in support groups. This is because of the misconception, frustration, and fear that the patient is too far gone to receive any type of benefit. In the past, agencies in social services have primarily focused on the caregivers needs. That is changing today. Many times the relational and psychological aspects of the patients have been ignored as more attention was focused on the caregiver. There are many steps to addressing this imbalance.

Some spouses feel overwhelmed and are fearful of their spouses decline. At times the spouse can be insensitive. Over time we have learned that Alzheimer’s patients can live a normal life, but at a slower pace. It is much harder for their brains to work. Sometime they don’t reflect a logic that is linear. This gives off the impression that they lack comprehension and nothing could be further from the truth. It takes time for everyone to adapt to the disease.

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