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Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is an action commonly behind interest rate changes. In short, this solution helps banks retain a certain amount of money needed to function and maintain their reserves. Lower interest rates can help the economy grow at a steady pace. In order for this to happen, banks will set a reserve amount that affects how money grows. This may vary somewhat depending on which Federal Reserve you are referring to. In the United States, the monetary policy is used to help set the rate of inflation. This is often what is being referred to when people talk about the stock market or interest rates a bank may offer.

The government in the United States uses monetary policy to maintain economic growth. You would think this aspect makes perfect sense but to some there is more complexity beyond its initial purpose. The idea a government controls how much money a bank or federal reserve has on hand overtime may not sit well with some. This gives a little insight on where our money supply comes from. The problem here is if interest rates are set too high, then the government won’t see much of an increase or, the rate of inflation could cause the economy to slow down.

When inflation is on the rise the price you pay for something may change. The value or worth of a product may not be the same as it once was. This is why some complain or feel as if their money is not worth what it used to be. You may have to pay more for something because of inflation. This element has a great effect on the cost of living. Inflation is measured by a percentage. Because it can change from time to time the monetary policy sees changes in how much money is retained within the government.

Inflation is the reason why you pay more for something such as a product or service. But at the same time the concept seems backwards. As you get more money you end up paying more of it out to obtain a product or service. Some people wonder what inflation is good for if it makes the value of a dollar shrink. People who provide goods and services wouldn’t be able to earn a profit. This also affects how businesses and organizations pay their employees and ultimately, how people spend their money.

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