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Liberty refers to the freedom that is granted to the people or citizens and is allowed to enjoy the freedom without any interference. Liberty implies that all the people regardless of their backgrounds or position are governed and are under the same law. However, the nature state considers liberty as having total freedom and not governed by any laws. Politically, liberty means that all people are under the same law legislated and not governed by any other law. Liberty implies that people are free to do what they wish or like, so long as it doesn’t go against that law that governs them. It also means that all the people’s rights are respected and that there are no restrictions.

Liberty and Democracy

Liberty ensures that democracy is practiced. It gives people of all ethnicity and ideological backgrounds a chance to express themselves. It allows all people including women to participate in voting exercises. Liberty thus goes hand in hand with democracy.

Importance of liberty

Liberty is an important aspect today in any society. Liberty ensures that there is the protection of minority rights. Individual liberty, on the other hand, helps to ensure that rights of individuals are protected and granted and avoids societies that go with decisions based on the tyranny of numbers. For societies to be successful, liberty is very essential. Better economies are achieved by societies with liberty. The availability of several and free markets is allowed in such societies. Decision-making on production issues is allowed to and can be done by any persons in the market. T he more the people, the higher the production rates and the better the quality of economic decisions made. Consequently with an increase in productivity there is increased and positivity in economic growth in the society. Freedom and liberty can lead to more stable nations and societies. This is because citizens have forums to air their grievances whenever they are dissatisfied with the government and systems. Liberty does not allow for any victimization. People’s voices are hence heard and considered in decision making. In societies where they enjoy liberty, the citizens are contented. They do not live with the fear of stigmatization for example because of their religion. They feel safe and protected. Great political liberty ensures that all citizens can vote for their leaders peacefully and can seek to be elected to offices. Liberty is thus an important aspect of any society today.

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