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20 Great Example Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From

When you write an argumentative essay you have to be sure that you can keep the readers interested. This means that the topic that you choose needs to have a personal meaning for you, so you can write in a very passionate way. You have to convince any reader that your arguments are valid, and that the idea you support is the right choice. To make sure that your piece will be appreciated by everyone, you have to consider every other important perspective there is, and to judge it rationally. These 20 ideas are worth your time:

  1. Animals in the cosmetics industry. Not many women know that cosmetic products are actually tested on animals before being put on the market. Do you think this is right?

  2. Abortion. Should any woman have the right to do whatever they want with their body, even if this means to take away the life of a child?

  3. Drinking and driving. Some countries are tolerant to this, and they even allow the drivers to drink a small amount of alcohol.

  4. Breastfeeding in public. While some people think it’s inappropriate, others say that it is something natural and it should be permitted.

  5. Public transport or personal car? Which one do you prefer and why?

  6. Should teenagers have access to free contraceptive methods?

  7. Sexual education in schools. Is it too much, or is it exactly what we need to prevent teen pregnancy?

  8. Homeschooling. Could this be a burden for the social life of the child?

  9. Smart phones. We can easily notice that young people are more and more attached to technology.

  10. Fur coats. Is this animal cruelty, or it is something normal that should be permitted everywhere?

  11. Discrimination. Not only people of different ethnicity are discriminated, but also women, old people or citizens with a bad financial status.

  12. Bullying. Present your point of view and some valid solutions.

  13. Unlimited access to internet. Do you think that children should be allowed to use internet as much as they want?

  14. Fast food. It is indeed very popular, but it is also very dangerous and the cause of many health problems.

  15. Army. In some countries the army is still obligatory, and every man has to go for one or two years of training.

  16. Electric cars. Could this be the future?

  17. Globalization. Present the good and the bad outcomes of this.

  18. Communism. Do you think that this is the solution to save a desperate country, or it is a barbarian system?

  19. Adoption. The adoption process is very difficult, and this is lowering the chances of an abandoned child to have parents.

  20. Freelancing. As popular as it is, many seem to think that it can not offer a steady income.
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