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Four Steps To Creating A Good Leadership Essay

The process of becoming a leader has been well documented over time. Most people desire the secret formula that will make them better able to influence others. If you decide to write an essay on this topic, here are some tips that can help you.

Define the term

To some people, the traits that make a good leader are easy to define and are either present at birth or they will always be absent. To others, these same traits can be nurtured over time and even come to the fore in situation where nothing else can result in a good outcome. Decide which side you want to start from because your definition is incomplete without this.

Pick an angle

Aside from considering how people become leaders we should pay attention to the types that exist. Your paper can focus specifically on any or all three of the following:

  • Autocratic- These are people who lead by giving orders. They are very unlikely to ever consult with their subordinates before making a decision but this method works well in emergencies or when the boss is the only one with a full understanding of the situation.
  • Democratic-These are people who take the opinions of the entire group into account before deciding anything. This is the most comfortable style to most people because they are unlikely to be accused of being dictators but this methods work best when everyone is on-board with a similar level of knowledge.
  • Laissez Faire-These are people who let the team decide what they will do and when with very little intervention from the leader. This may seem like neglect at first but when the team is made up of highly skilled creative people this is the best way to get good work out of them.

Find evidence to support your claims

If you decide to promote one specific type of leadership over the others you need to find research that agrees with you. Without this, all of your claims are hearsay. Make sure that any sources you cite are reputable.

Edit your work

This is advice that can be applied to any essay or other type of academic content that you may write and be expected to submit for grading. There are many errors that you can miss when exhausted that can result in a loss of meaning. Even if your meaning is intact you may find that an unedited piece comes off as less professional.

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