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A List of 15 Winning Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

The topic of a narrative essay must grab the reader’s attention. In this type of paper, you have to tell the story of a real or hypothetical experience in your life. Your mark will depend on how interesting this story is.

The occasion you are writing about may be fascinating on its own, or it may be a rather ordinary event that has taught you an important lesson. Anyhow, your primary focus should be on your feelings about this situation and the conclusions you have made. Here are examples of topics and questions you need to answer in your essay:

  1. My best vacation. (Why did you like it there?)
  2. The best birthday celebration ever. (What, in your opinion, made it so good?)
  3. The weirdest job interview I ever had. (Why was it strange? Did you get the job or not? Do you regret it?)
  4. The day when everything went wrong. (Why did it go wrong? What would you do not to get into such a situation again?)
  5. An encounter with a famous person. (How did it alter your opinion of this person?)
  6. An experience that destroyed my illusions. (Do you regret that you had this experience or not? Why?)
  7. An experience that made me both laugh and cry.
  8. An experience that tested my faith. (Did it eventually make your faith stronger or not? Why?)
  9. The most difficult decision I ever had to make. (Why was it difficult? What did you decide? Would you make a different choice now?)
  10. An experience that showed me the true values of life. (What did you consider to be the true values before?)
  11. A trip that I would love to take. (Why do you want to go there? Who would you take with you?)
  12. My fantasy of meeting a real person. (Why do you want to meet this person? What would you tell them?)
  13. My visit to a fictional place. (What would happen to you there? How would you feel? The place may be something that you have read about in a book, seen in a movie, or invented on your own. If it’s the latter, describe it in sufficient detail so that the reader can imagine it.)
  14. How I would run my own country. (Do you think you could cope? What would you do differently from real-world rulers and why?)
  15. If I could use a time machine. (Do you want to change anything in the past, or do you just want to see it? Where would you go and why?)
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